professional translations Danish-French & French-Danish


A word is a word they say. However there are many differences. Sometimes (unfortunately more often than you would think) it is the subtle differences that determine whether the message is received and understood correctly, or whether the important contract will be signed.

A language, spoken or written, can’t easily be translated from Danish into French and vice versa. It should be rewritten and interpreted respecting the cultural differences. And differences do exist. Fortunately. That’s exactly what makes make communication so interesting.

And here’s VERBA-LINGUA.DK just the right partner!

I turn the concise Danish language into flawless and
beautifully blooming French sentences. And I replant the flawless French
language into neat rows of concise Danish messages. In order to make the sender
and receiver know exactly what it is all about. Without any misunderstanding.

All tasks, large and small, are treated
professionally. You have my word on that. In Danish as well as in